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Strategic Overseas Manufacturing

Strategic Overseas Manufacturing Leads To Greater Profits Without a Sacrifice in Quality
Companies that are exploring options to manufacture overseas are concerned about the quality of goods. It is important to note that the same concern occurs when sourcing domestically. Quality varies greatly regardless of location, so buyers should be careful when balancing quality and price. It takes time and diligence to find the right quality manufacturer to produce products up to your expectations. Companies looking to offshore manufacturing are encouraged to utilize an experienced service to obtain the greatest savings and product quality.


By making connections and working closely with overseas suppliers, lower costs can be achieved, typically to levels that are very difficult to meet domestically.

“We haven’t had problems with quality. By partnering with an experienced firm like ours, companies can cut the research time down significantly and enjoy savings while still delivering products of high quality,” says Ed James, General Manager of USDC. USDC connects businesses to overseas manufacturers through a multistage program, helping companies identify manufacturers able to produce their products to meet their quality requirement.
Utilizing the expertise of a sourcing firm like USDC removes hassle, guess work, and risk. With offices in China and in the USA, USDC works with its clients every step of the way, including understanding client objectives and goals, identifying target products, finding qualified suppliers, providing samples for approval, coordinating product production, insuring that vendors meet the client’s quality standard and arranging for shipment to the client.
Our clients have shown significant supply savings according to James
Companies that prosper from this lower cost structure are able to see tangible increases in profitability and shareholder value. Moreover, as the competitive landscape continues to evolve, more and more companies sharing a specific space are seeking offshore manufacturing as an option to maintain a competitive edge. But the companies within that group who partner with firms that specialize in offshore sourcing, and have quality control systems in place, are the ones that see the greatest reward from manufacturing overseas.